Some Places Are Forever Afternoon, a set of 11 compositions by Wayne Horvitz based on the poems of Richard Hugo, will have its live premiere in the fall of 2015. The work, written for sextet, will be recorded early in 2015 and released on the Songlines label in May of 2015. Horvitz will compose, record and perform a suite of eleven pieces, with each composition based on a different Hugo poem. Using a combination of two long standing quartets, The Gravitas Quartet and Sweeter Than The Day, the suite will be performed and recorded by Ron Miles (trumpet), Peggy Lee (cello), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Wayne Horvitz (piano, electronics), Timothy Young (guitar), Keith Lowe (bass) and Eric Eagle (drums). Beginning in the summer of 2014 Horvitz will travel throughout the Pacific Northwest, Idaho and Western Montana (see photos) to visit some of the people and places that inspired Hugo. In August, he will compose the suite while in residency at the Montalvo Center For the Arts. The work will be primarily acoustic, with some electronics, and will include both notation and improvisation.





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